2023.05.12. asamono

Introducing new pieces from asamono in USA. These beautiful tablewares and home decor pieces add a fresh touch to your everyday styling. Please try to find your favorite piece and bring a new breeze to your home.



About asamono
asamono is a collection of functional and decorative ceramics handcrafted by Asami Hatanaka in her home studio in Los Angeles.  She draws inspiration from traditional Asian techniques as well as Japanese aesthetics to create simple yet rustic pieces for the modern home.  Her focus is to incorporate some form of Japanese culture into her work, to convey her cultural background by way of shape, glazes or techniques.  In between wheel throwing and handbuilding, she spends time testing and mixing new glazes in her studio.


These mugs are just the right size for enjoying your coffee or tea. We specifically requested her to create mugs in various random colors, resulting in each piece being truly unique and special. Take the time to find your favorite piece and make it your own.

Tiny Plate

This ceramic piece embodies a delightful charm with its natural texture and adorable plump form. It effortlessly harmonizes with any space as a standalone decorative object. Moreover, you can explore various uses by placing accessories on it or arranging multiple pieces in a scattered manner, allowing you to personalize and derive enjoyment from this unique item.

Small Bowl

While incorporating elements of her background in Japanese culture, these cups exude the freedom and originality characteristic of Western. The contrast between the clay and glaze creates a simple yet beautiful piece.

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