2023.06.02. Doyedang(陶芸堂) -Coming Soon-

In April of this year, when the COVID-19 situation finally settled and international travel became easier, we visited Seoul, where Doyedang’s studio is located. We would like to introduce the beautiful vessels we encountered there this time.

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About Doyedang
Doyedang is an exquisite Korean ceramic brand, founded by the talented duo of Lee Kiwon and Jung SeungEun who share a special mentor-disciple bond. They delve into the world of pottery, which has a rich history, and experiment with various types of clay, glazes, and techniques. Their aim is to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary requirements. They help each other by giving hints and gradually make new pieces together.


Their studio is located in Sichon, a neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea. Sichon, situated on the western side of Gyeongbokgung Palace, has been home to many renowned artists and painters since the Joseon era. Even today, this area preserves numerous hanok (traditional Korean houses), exuding a captivating atmosphere of history. Their studio retains the charm of a hanok, and the harmonious blend with the exquisite artworks creates a truly remarkable space.



Upon visiting the studio, we were warmly greeted by two adorable cats named "마봉 (Mabong)" and "길봉 (Gilbong)". Despite the chilly weather and unfortunate rain that day, being embraced by the cozy artworks and the company of these adorable feline friends, it felt like time was flowing peacefully. It turned into a calm and enjoyable day, filled with warmth and joy.


Inside the studio, numerous vessels and pots are tightly arranged. The meticulously crafted pieces go through a process that includes selecting the clay foundation, choosing the glaze, and firing. Despite the language barrier, we were deeply moved by the presence of Kiwon and SeungEun, who patiently taught us about the characteristics of each glaze and the challenges of creating new artworks.


Many plant pots were also lined up in the studio.


We are excited to announce that the first collection will be available soon.