Aslund Tsang -interview-

From Stockholm, Sweden, we've received the beautiful creations of Aslund Tsang. In this article, we bring you an interview with the talented ceramic artist Andrea, sharing her thoughts and inspirations.

─After working in fashion industry, you transitioned to ceramics. What was the main reason behind choosing ceramics as your path?

I think it was a calling. I had been thinking about getting back to the wheel when I was working in fashion, just wanting to feel and try it out. During the pandemic, nothing was secure, not even my job. I started thinking about what I had been considering but hadn't yet pursued because I was always occupied with work. The pandemic provided me with time to think and review what I want to do and explore.


"What do I want to pursue?"

After careful consideration, the answer within me remained clear: it was ceramics. I intuitively felt that starting ceramics was undeniably my calling in life.

─What is it about ceramics that has drawn you in so strongly?

I'm always fascinated by how raw materials from the earth can be transformed into artworks, creating a wide array of styles with different forms, shapes, and colors. It's a natural resource from the earth, and human creativity can yield such powerful results.


─Do you have any specific feelings or messages you aim to convey through your own creations, something you want to communicate to the people who use them?"

I would like my work to bring more peace and aesthetic beauty to your home. Home is where I feel safe and secure, spending most of my time with my family. I cherish the idea of my work being a part of your home, not just an object.

─Why did you choose Stockholm, and could you also share your favorite aspects of Stockholm and how it has influenced your ceramics?

I moved to Stockholm because of my Swedish husband. My favorite aspect of Stockholm is the balance between city life and nature. There are green spaces, parks, and forests within the city, and you can easily access them from anywhere.  Living here allows me to contemplate the purpose of the work I design for daily use, and it gives me time to refine my ideas before bringing them to life.


─Any messages to Japanese customers.


I'm delighted to showcase my work in Japan. I was born in Hong Kong, and I was greatly influenced by Japanese culture when I was young. I have always been fascinated by Japanese craftsmanship and their spirits, finding it truly inspiring as a potter. I hope my work can bring you calmness and aesthetics in your life.


"The importance of sharing life with loved ones and the concept of living in a special 'home' are central to her. I believe that because she was once a hard worker, she can deeply reflect on the lives of those who use her creations, even beyond the act of creating. Her strong yet gentle thoughts seamlessly blend into our busy lives through her works, making us reconsider how we spend our time."


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