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We have received imported books from the publishing house “viction:ary”, which was founded by Victor Cheung in 2001. Based in the heart of Asia, viction:ary connects creative talents and enthusiasts from around the world through groundbreaking graphics and high printing technology. Through the power of printed materials, viction:ary is dedicated to providing fresh perspectives and inspiration to creative individuals and the curious. Here's a little sneak peek from our new book arrivals.



『PACKAGED FOR LIFE : Beer, Wine & Spirits』

Are you purchasing and consuming your favorite foods and drinks as a matter of course, without giving much thought to the meaning of the packaging and discarding it?
I believe that most people, including myself, would answer 'yes' to that question.
'PACKAGED FOR LIFE' series conveys a message that hidden within it is a form of art where the thoughts of many people come together. While it is true that in recent times, SDGs have been widely discussed, and beverage manufacturers are producing label-less bottles, leading to a simplification of product packaging throughout society, artists and designers are still facing their production teams, intriguingly conveying the brand's personality and purpose, and creating a sense of taste through package design. In this book, the focus is on alcoholic beverages, and it features an abundance of captivating package designs from alcoholic beverages around the world. This book is sure to make your daily evening drink time more enjoyable than ever.



『A Book On Books』

The history of books is indeed very long, but in modern times, digital technology has become the norm, and information is overflowing within smartphones. The consumption of information from media and social networks has taken center stage. However, even in this context, book design continues to serve as a means to showcase creativity and the passion of creators. It provides a unique source of inspiration that can only be found in books. For many people, books remain an essential source of knowledge and vitality. This book focuses on 'book design' and introduces the world's finest book designs across 313 pages. Additionally, it includes interviews with individuals involved in the bookmaking industry, such as publishers, printmakers, book fair organizers, and bookstore owners, reflecting the distinctive 'viction:ary' style.

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