2024.01.08. Evermore

Introducing new fragrance candles from Evermore.

About Evermore
Evermore is a candle brand based in the United Kingdom, founded by Sarah Bell in 2014. She had been making candles as a hobby for some time and, upon realizing the poor quality of materials in commercial candle kits, she decided to launch the brand to create better candles. Seeking both fragrant and clean candles, she began researching materials and placed importance on sustainability and the beauty of nature. Their candles, made with recycled glass and FSC-certified packaging, provide a warm glow, delightful scents, and create a pleasant ambiance, all while valuing sustainability and the beauty of nature.


To obtain 1 drop of rose essential oil, you need 60 rosebuds.

Many plants and flowers used to make essential oils are at risk of extinction. In recent years, the term "sustainability" has often been misunderstood as simply using natural resources, but Evermore collaborates closely with perfume makers to utilize the power of nature effectively. They use the highest quality wild-crafted oils to ensure that they are responsibly harnessing the gifts of the natural world.


To ensure that all their products, including candles and packaging, are sustainable.

Evermore candles do not use any plastic in their packaging. The glass containers are made from recycled glass and designed for reuse after the candle has been used. Additionally, they use 100% recyclable and FSC-certified paper boxes.

Their candles, guided by the brand's philosophy of both clean fragrance and process, bring a warm glow and soothing scents into our daily lives, where sustainability and the beauty of nature coexist.

Evermore candles are available at the Sendagaya store and online shop. Please do try to experience these wonderful scents.
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