Julia Hoji -interview-

As we embrace the beauty of this autumn season, we are excited to share with you the introduction of Julia Hoji to our collection. In this special feature, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Julia Hoji, a talented ceramic artist whose heartfelt connection to pottery shines through her work. While our interactions with artists from around the world usually happen through emails, Julia's warmth and passion for ceramics come across strongly in her messages. We invite you to join us as we explore her inspiring story.

─What inspired you to become a ceramic artist?

I attended ceramic classes from the age of 6 to 14 at a small studio in Barcelona, and I absolutely loved it. However, I took a break for many years and only resumed my ceramics journey in 2013 when I started taking wheel-throwing classes again. I've always had a passion for working with my hands and the creative freedom that working with clay provides.


─We love your beautiful glazes. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind your work, including the development of these glazes?

When it comes to using the kiln during firing, I always make sure to include test pieces, so I actively engage in glaze development on a regular basis. My sources of inspiration come from various aspects like the colors in paintings, travel experiences, and food. However, the most significant source of inspiration for me has been the sight of my father, who was a chef, cooking in the kitchen since my early childhood.


─You had a one-month stay at a studio in Hokkaido. Did this experience bring about any changes in your perspective on ceramics?"

During my stay, including sightseeing experiences, I was deeply impressed by the Japanese approach to handling objects, attention to detail, and pursuit of beauty. It served as a catalyst for me to contemplate the quality aspects of ceramics in my own work. Furthermore, I aspire to learn ceramics in a studio or under the guidance of Japanese artists someday. However, I plan to wait until my daughter grows a bit older before pursuing that dream.

─I've heard that your ceramics are widely used in restaurants. Could you please share any specific principles or considerations you have in mind when creating tableware?


Cooking is undoubtedly a passion of mine, and I also thoroughly enjoy dining out. When I receive requests for tableware, I make it a point to have thorough discussions with the restaurant to understand their intentions. With great attention to detail, I strive to create pieces that are simple yet highly functional and user-friendly.


─Lastly, could you please share your goals and aspirations for the future?

I am currently conducting in-depth research on vases and vitrifiable engobes, and I intend to continue this research over the next few months between commissions.

Julia's creations are set to be available for purchase starting from November 4th. Her pieces, with their vibrant yet versatile colors, complement dishes from both Eastern and Western cuisines. They bring out the natural vibrancy of ingredients and add a touch of color to your dining table.

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