We are pleased to introduce the new collection from JISEUNGMIN CERAMICS. In this article, we will share the heartfelt thoughts of the owner, Seungmin, who is dedicated to crafting objects, through an interview with everyone.


─Is there a specific reason or inspiration that led you to start JISEUNGMIN CERAMICS?

During my graduate school years, I received a request from a friend to create tableware. At that time, I was more focused on creating artworks rather than products, so I thought it wouldn't be too difficult. However, since it was a practical, everyday item, I had to pay more attention to the details, which made the process challenging. After completing the project and sending it over, my friend appreciated it as if it were a piece of art. Their satisfaction brought me a sense of accomplishment beyond my expectations.
Encouraged by this experience, many people around me suggested that I should consider taking tableware more seriously. Consequently, I launched a ceramics brand with Director Jang Woorim.


─Within the process of creating ceramics, do you have a favorite step, or is there one that you find challenging?

My favorite part of the process is when I'm working on the potter's wheel, shaping and refining the form until I achieve the satisfying shape I envisioned. The most challenging stage is the final glazing process. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort, starting from testing the glaze to achieving the desired finish. When I try new glazes, unexpected outcomes often arise. Repeating experiments until I achieve a satisfying state of completion is also one of the challenging aspects of the process.


─Are there any particular things you pay attention to when creating your pieces?

The roots of my work trace back to Joseon Dynasty ceramics. I pursue the beauty of simplicity and understated lines, prioritizing practicality while considering the overall aesthetics when the piece is completed. I pay attention to practical aspects that may not be visible, such as appropriate thickness, weight, volume when grasped, or the grip of mug handles. These practical considerations contribute to the overall beauty and functionality of the finished piece.


─You also teach ceramics at the university level. How do you envision the future of ceramics in South Korea?

Every year, many ceramic students graduate. I hope the market in this field becomes more active, providing a favorable environment for artists to work in. For students, I believe it's essential to focus on creating a style they genuinely love and excel at, rather than chasing trends, even if it takes some time.


─Could you describe the distinctive features of the PATINE Collection?


The PATINA Collection draws inspiration from the gradual and inevitable transformation of material surfaces, encompassing the weathering of limestone, the rusting of iron, and the oxidization of copper. The exceptional finish achieved in the PATINA Collection is the result of meticulous research conducted over several years. It imparts a distinctive narrative to each individual piece, one that will continue to evolve over time. With PATINA, the artist's vision was to create organic shapes seamlessly integrated with their surroundings, as if they were naturally carved from the earth.


─Lastly, do you have any future goals that you would like to share?

I want to pursue my personal projects that I have put off while running the brand. It's time to begin.


After hearing all of his stories, I feel a quiet and understated strength that somehow overlaps with the elegance of Joseon white porcelain. From Seungmin, who speaks about the future, I could sense a sincere dedication and overflowing enthusiasm towards ceramics.

The PATINE collection will be available from November 4th. As you all use these pieces in your daily lives, much like the theme of the collection, reflecting the changes in nature and materials, the vessels will slowly develop their own unique patina. I would be delighted if you could enjoy this transformation and the overall experience.