Saye Craft -interview-

From February 23rd (Friday), we will begin handling "Saye Craft." In this article, we will deliver the thoughts of her work through an interview.

─First of all, could you tell us what led you to become a ceramic artist?

I had been doing ceramics since my student days, but originally, I was majoring in industrial design at university, and I was working at a design company during my student days. Both industrial design and ceramics require a lot of time, but ceramics require optimal material selection and delicate, painstaking work, involving many processes until completion. However, the more time and effort it takes, the more you can feel each piece is special. It was the process of ceramics that attracted me and led me to become a ceramic artist.

─Do you have any particular considerations when creating your works?

Since I'm not a cooking professional myself, I try to talk to chefs and housewives, gathering opinions on what constitutes user-friendly utensils and what inconvenience they may encounter. Based on these opinions, I make arrangements while considering their usage. At the same time, I also emphasize differentiation from industrial design. Industrial design requires a perfect beauty close to the intended ideal, while the works I create pursue the natural beauty produced by changes in materials and glazes.


─Regarding the beautiful glazes, which are also a feature of your works, what do you focus on when making them?

I believe that the important thing in making glazes is the optimal balance of color, texture, and gloss (surface condition). Depending on the work, I may focus on only one of these elements, but as pottery is something that is touched by hand, texture is particularly important. Therefore, I continue to challenge myself every day to create textures that have never been seen before.

─What kind of food or cuisine do you think goes well with your own works?

Since it is important to be able to use them freely and easily in any situation, I don't have a specific image in mind. If anything, I don't anticipate overly complicated plating... I hope everyone can use them freely in their own way.


─Finally, do you have a message for the people of Japan?

I admire the diversity and freedom of art in Japan, and it is a country I love so much that I visit every year. I am very happy to have the opportunity for people in Japan, who encounter art a lot in their daily lives, to see my works. I would be delighted if my works could be used and cherished for a long time.


The charming vessels of Saye Craft, which harmoniously combine the balanced beauty learned from industrial design studies and the warmth of handmade craftsmanship, are unique with their soft expressions. Please enjoy them in your own way.

Saye Craft works will be available for sale both in-store and online from February 23rd (Friday).

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